Our patented ACESP technology can eliminate pollutants like DUST (Normal / Industrial dust), PLANT POLLEN, SMOKE (CARBON, TAR and ASH), GERMS / VIRUS / BACTERIA, Odor, objects up to 0.1 micron and maintaining PM2.5 / PM10.


Shuddh with TEKO TAS AIR SYSTEMS, France has been working in the fields of air purification / sterilization, dust suppression / collection & management, anti fogging & cooling systems, smoke / smog prevention & agricultural irrigation since 2017


Breathing fresh air our right and we fight against air pollution. Our state of the art technology makes things easy and affordable, its easy to use and almost NO COST maintenance makes it fit for every individual!


We work tirelessly to minimise air pollution in different ways including planting trees, installing self sustanable devices, retrofiting our ACESP to the hoardings/advertising boards / light house / parks, air exhaust of vehicles and many more.

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Working with research scientists in the field of air pollution having patented ACESP (advanced controlled electrostatic precipitator) technology which capture pollutants like DUST (Normal / Industrial dust), PLANT POLLEN, SMOKE (CARBON, TAR and ASH), GERMS / VIRUS, Odor, objects up to 0.1 micron and maintaining PM2.5 / PM10 level on marginal energy consumption and low maintenance cost.

We credit our endeavours to the Gautam Gambhir Foundation and Shree Gautam Gambhir, M.P. East Delhi for being first to believe our technology and to install our giant Shuddh Anti Smog Tower at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi, India which is first of its kind!

  • ➢ Shuddh Electronics is first Indian organization to introduce and setup successfully “Anti Smog Tower” In India in Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi on 3rd Jan 2020.
  • ➢ Have setup air cleaning and maintaining air quality inside isolation wards for COVID-19 patients for faster recovery rate.
  • ➢ We have successfully incorporated our Shuddh ACESP THTs in RTP (National Transportation buses) in France.

➢ We have integrated our technology in French bullet trains (TGV) to maintain PM2.5 level inside the coach.

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Shuddh Anti Smog Tower installed at Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi has this pride of claiming India's first Anti Smog Tower!

Shuddh Anti Smog Tower installed at Lajpat Nagar is installed with the joint collaboration of Gautam Gambhir Foundation and innaugurated by the honarable member of parliament Shree Gautam Gambhir! Consuming just 5 units of electricity, it is cleaning 600000 cubic meters of air everyday

  • 01 What is its electricity consumption?

    To run the Shuddh Anti Smog Tower having capacity of cleaning 600000 cubic meters per day consumes 5-6 units of electricity per day in normal condition.

  • This giant Shuddh Anti Smog Tower located in Lajpat Nagar is required to clean its filters and inlets every month during October to March and every second month during April to September. Cost of its maintenance is around INR 7000 to INR 12000 per servicing.

  • Shuddh Anti Smog Towers has 10 years of life expectancy in normal condition however in some of our advanced model its life is around 15-17 years.


Anti Smog Tower

Smog Towers are among most essential service category which minimize outdoor air pollution. We have pride of introducing it to New Delhi, India which clean 900000 cubic meters of air everyday.

Smog Cannon

Shuddh Anti Smog Cannon is best suited for construction sites especially where construction site is larger than 20,000 square meters. It takes water (20% compared to conventional smog cannon) and ACESP technological filters to charge particles suspended in air. Airborne particles become charged as they attract charged ions and fall on surface.

Sanitisation System

It protects from Nosocomial infection, Influenza, SARS, Respiratory issues, Allergic, Stress, COVID19,HCHO, TVOC 4 Stage purification system. 360-degree airflow makes placement simple. 5-year warranty beats competing brands. 99.95% efficiency. Customized solution for hospital, isolation wards, offices, cinema hall etc.

Indoor Air Purifier

Shuddh domestic air purifiers are unique in this segment, it protects from different kinds of viral disease, SARS, COVID19, ashthma and other air borne disease. It offers 10 years filter warranty, no filter replacement required, filters upto 99.9% PM2.5, clear static, restores body's activity, enhance oxygen and best suited for HCHO, TVOC, and PM2.5 / PM10 particle.

Air Quality Monitoring

We make you see the Air that was thought to be felt only. Our cutting edge Air Quality Monitor enables you to check the level of any desired indoor air contaminants. We provide the independency to choose, what you want to see.

Shuddh Irrigation System

We design and develop small to large irrigation systems which are equipped with Ozone technology to remove germs and other insects from the water and to the surface of the plant. It has proved significant improvement in the health of the plants post regular irrigation.

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